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”Markits offered us a carefully tailored approach that no one else could. They have an experienced, motivated and flexible team with a “yes, we can” attitude. We were able to drive our business forward based on their findings and recommendations. I would definitely recommend them”.

Youssef Nassar
Marketing Manager
Fit Republic

“Markits stood out for us because of its solid expertise in retail consultancy. They understand the complexities of our business, and know exactly which tools were needed to optimize the review process. It was efficient and controlled; their presentation of research results was thorough and focused. They were flexible and reactive when needed, patient if required. Good job”.

Sabine Lahoud
Marketing Manager
Pearl Brands

“I would say that Markits is the most insightful and strategic team we have had the pleasure of working with to date. They were very effective in helping us analyze our business insights and performance, and they made sure to converse and work with us every step of the way, in order to identify a suitable approach to fit our specific needs.”

Rania Baliki
Marketing Manager
Novalac / United Phamaceuticals

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