Our Approach

At Markits, we have successfully brought together a pool of different fundamental skills and knowledge to move your business forward, combining years of expertise from management consulting, consumer relations, qualitative and quantitative research, marketing and brand building.

Personalized Approach

We understand you are unique. That is why we make sure to take each client’s individuality as our starting point; and from there we thoroughly address each need through an intimate and individualized approach.

Maximum Benefit

We thrive on boosting businesses, and we guarantee the best quality at the best prices. We are constantly designing research projects and methodologies that can be carefully tailored to the specific challenges and growth needs of your brands and services.

Real Expertise
We offer invaluable expertise in: FMCG (across categories); retail; luxury goods; electrics and electronics; travel and tourism; tobacco; and real estate.

Consistent Quality
We work hard to always offer the best services in terms of: respecting set deadlines; approaching each task with rigor; having a constant presence on the field; aligning with suitable partners; and delivery quality services.