Case Study Fit Republic


New Fitness Center Works Out
A Successful and Comprehensive
Brand Strategy

The Brand

Fit Republic (UAE)

The Case Study

Develop Fit Republic’s brand positioning, brand strategy and communication strategy.

The Challenge

Fit Republic, a one-of-its-kind and all-inclusive fitness center,plans to launchits first branch in Dubai’s Sports City by September 2014. The center offers state-of-the-art fitness facilities and a range of carefully tailored programs the whole family can enjoy.

The challenge was to help Fit Republiccreate a complete brand strategy that would attract the right people and set the brand on the path to success. The Markits team was given the taskto define the current position of competitive brands in the market, develop a brand strategy and position Fit Republic accordingly.

The Methodology

Markits carried out thorough analyses of market information, trends, competition and target groups through expert interviews, in-depth interviews with prime prospects, and desk research. From this exercise, the company’s brand strategy was developed in a workshop together with the client, and its positioning was validated through focus groups.

The Achievements

The main indicators of success for the client were:
• Definition and development of overall brand positioning and strategy.
• Development of brand communication strategy, based on brand mission statement.