Case Study Novalac-FG

Infant Formula Brand
Fortifies Market Share
With New Product Launch

The Brand


The Case Study

Launch Novalac’s new range of products, develop the communication message, and conduct package tests.

The Challenge

In order to ensure a successful launch for its Genio @ School range of products, Novalacwanted to assess the appeal of its specialized milk formula for kids aged 5+; to test the Genio @ School packaging; and to identify key communication messages.

The Methodology

Tocreate winning communication and packaging strategies that will help in converting the target audience to NovalacGenio, Markitsconducted qualitative research in the form of focus groups comprising prime prospects.

Through visual concept boards, the product, packaging and communication messages were shared with and reviewed by the focus groups.

Then, through a structured discussion,Markits gathered accurate insights about the respondents’ habits (milk selection and usage), attitude towards milk,attitude towards specialized flavored milk for 5-year-olds, and the appeal of the packaging.

The Achievements

The main indicators of success for the client were:
• Identification of key success factors for the launch campaign of Genio @ School.
• Identification of an appropriate marketing approach and suitable messages to be adopted in order to convince mothers to use a specialized milk formula for children aged 5+.
• Identification of appropriate visual codes and winning package to be adopted for Genio @ School.